Body IQ & Stress Test

Anger-management-set-three-stress-balls-to-release-angerMost people have a low ‘Body IQ’ (actually understanding their body…and listening to it!) so they may struggle with certain exercises and not know what their body is craving. Athletes or dancers and people in tune with their body usually have a higher body-IQ and know when to push or rest, and when they need egg or salmon…similar to a pregnant woman’s cravings in a way.

Stress is of course everywhere, and a contributing factor to almost all illness and the deterioration of our lives. Some people cope with it better, or don’t get stressed in the first place. For the rest of us mere mortals however, this stress-test can help us see where we are on the stress-spectrum…agitated to exhausted etc.

Then, with these tools, we can look at a game-plan for your specific ‘levels’. Different exercises and supplementation can be used to calm you down or help you focus if ‘agitated’ as opposed to needing restorative and/or energising routines and nutrition for the depressive/exhausted individuals.

Come in for a free stress-test (with first consultation) and see what tailored packages we can offer you…eg. 3 Myosteopractic sessions, a cognisance coaching session and yoga or mixed martial arts classes @ a special rate.

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