Moya Studio Schedule & Fees

With so many businesses under 1 roof, class times are subject to change…as much as we strive to keep the website/facebook updated, delays can occur. Please check with admin for more information and confirming the times of classes you aim to attend.

Phone/email for latest updates to the schedule as there are often free trial classes & discounts for classes that Yoga Teacher Training students are conducting as part of their practical hours.

Like-wise, some classes by virtue of the type of students coming may lend themselves to more of a rehab/vinyasa-flow/strength based class…so check before-hand to get the class that is best for you!


Variety of Yoga Classes Mon-Fri 

Hatha/ Raja yoga, remedial, yoga-pilates, yoga-groove and more!


Hero Training kids classes Mon, Tue & Thur

Mon, Tue & Thur: 3:45-4:45 for pre-teens & 4:45-5:45 for teens. Older / more serious teens may join the adult MMA classes

The all-in-one class covers occupational therapy, strength, co-ordination, balance, flexibility and quick-thinking…by following themes and a myriad of fun-challenges.

A typical lesson can include gymnatic warm-ups, climbing, parkour, martial arts, balance/co-ordination/team-work games, sport simulations and a slight mental challenge/puzzle…


Parkour/MMA/Fitness  Mon & Thur 7:30-9pm

Mixed Martial Arts…done the Moya way…with agility, awareness & fitness (prevention) meeting parkour (flight) and MMA (fight). These classes will typically be about 30min of fitness & drills, 30min of skill development and 30min of sparring/rolling or free-training at the end. Bring a water-bottle and a good attitude!


tai chi art

Tai Chi (Yang style) Tue & Thur 6-7pm

Based on Yang Style tai chi chuan or taijiquan…incorporating forms, push hands, chi-flow and standing meditation

Instructor: Steve Mendonidis

Steve has been practicing martial arts since 1981 and has trained with masters in South Africa, Malaysia and Japan. His training has included karate, tai chi, aikido, pakua, xingyi, wing chun, shaolin kung fu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts (MMA). Steve has taught many groups and individuals over the years.

Beginners Welcome!


Capoeira Fri 2-2:45 (5-10yr olds) & 3-4pm (11 & up)

Come learn the African-Brazillian acrobatic martial art, some Portuguese and how to play the Berimbau, Pandeiro and more!

Box 4 Fun:

Cardio kickboxing…work up a sweat smacking focus-mits, doing drills and sparring!

Wed Fri 8-9am & Sat 8-10am for a fun stress-buster smack-a-thon!

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