Cognisance Coaching

enlighteningCognisance Coaching is all about awareness…and growth or healing from within.

This can be achieved in many different ways…

*  Applied psychology…be it cognitive behavioural therapy for coping mechanisms and healthier habits or psycho-      analysis for understanding the development of your current patterns

*  Meditation or guided-visualisations for relaxation and stress-management

*  Applied philosophy…Vedic and Western philosophies have their merit and offer a different perspective, clarity & peace

*  Counseling – Being allowed to ‘let it out’ and view your life openly can be liberating and enlightening, with practical approaches and problem solving sometimes coming 2nd to the catharsis of being heard and understood

* Hypnotherapy – Focus and relaxation to the point where your subconscious mind can be worked with, is a powerful tool to deal with fears, habits and mind-sets you wish to change.

* New Integration Coaching [Raja Yoga]…see below for more information


New Integration Coaching – Solutions for:
oNegative Emotions
oIllness and Chronic Disease
oLimiting Beliefs
Would you like to live a life that is in Balance and is an expression of your Core?
What would happen if everything could change for you, if your life became an authentic expression of who you are?
Integration coaching with Raja Yoga
Many people looking for help are still simply looking for medication that will “just make the symptom go away”.
And who can blame them, right? Who wants to feel discomfort?
What if the Secret is in the discomfort?
What if your greatest source of Power lay in what you’re avoiding the most?
Integration Coaching can be tailor made to individual needs and cover basic yogic philosophy facilitated working through energy balancing yoga poses, as well as cover meditation and breathing exercises for stress management, addictions and emotional processing.

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