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live_blood_analysis_microscopeNaturopathy:  is a natural medicine, which strives to recreate the balance inherent in the human body by utilising targeted supplementation, diet and lifestyle counselling – treating the cause of disease rather than the symptom.

Live Blood Analysis is a blood screening process which allows for the early detection of systemic imbalances -facilitating accurate and individualized treatment programs towards optimal health. Examination of live blood under a microscope, in what is known as a dark field setting; allows for the observation of subtle imbalances in the body. Photographic blood images facilitates monitoring and recording of patient progress and can be of great value in the early detection and/or prevention of disease.
Watch your blood change as your health improves.


Naturopathy and Maintaining True Health 

“Vis Medicatix Nature” = “Only nature heals” -Hippocrates-

As in any field of study, each practitioner brings their own personal insights and interests into how they apply their knowledge. So, herewith some background and history around Naturopathic treatment philosophy and how that came about.

I personally am fascinated by what used to be called the microzyme, now more frequently referred to as micro-organelles, but let me start at the beginning….

The Microzyme:

These micro-organisms play a significant role in the understanding of true health and the maintenance thereof. First termed microzymas, they were found to make up all forms of life and are its most basic constituent thereof, thus determining its very constitution. The microzyme was first discovered by Pierre Bechamp (born 1816), a medical doctor, scientist and pharmacist, who discovered an air-borne microbe released in the fermentation process. (Several years before Louis Pasteur made the same discovery).

Louis Pasteur, a chemist, (born 1822), theorized further, that all disease was caused by these organisms. He thus gave birth to the “germ” theory and the subsequent war to destroy them. Bechamp however found that all healthy cells contained living organisms, which under unhealthy conditions, could evolve into bacteria. He gave them their name, microzymes. They are present from the beginning until beyond the end, in all forms of life and imperishable. In other words, all cells contain and are made up of chromatin granules – when the cellular environment is healthy they build up the cell, if it is unhealthy they self-destruct the cell. Chromatin/microzymes go through 9 phases of bacterial and viral-like organisms. In death the microzyme becomes a bacteria, decomposing the body and then reverting back into a microzyme

Microzymes were subsequently found buried in chalk from past dead plant and animals. Many scientists after Bechamp have made the same discoveries. Dr Beres (Hungary) discovered them in human cancerous tissue and in the cells of sick plants and animals; Dr Reich discovered them in blood samples and noted their increase in patients with chronic disease – he found the bacteria proliferated in toxic conditions.

So while one branch of medicine became obsessed with fighting the outside enemy germ – a whole branch of scientists were finding that true health comes from within.

The Healing/Dis-ease Process and Homotoxicology

If our complex immune system is to function properly, its state of cellular health is all important. There are six stages of health or disease; and it is at the first two that the immune system works best, and at which we are experiencing true health.

They are:

The Excretion Phases and the Reaction Phase

(Reaction of blood, lymph, and interstitial matrix)

It is in the excretion phase that the body rids itself of toxins through perspiration, the formation of sebum, gastrointestinal secretions, uric secretions, etc.

The reaction phases include dermatitis, eczema, rhinitis, neuralgia and many more “disease” reactions like hepatitis, herpes zoster, and endocarditis, which are generally treated using suppressive medications.

Strangely enough, these are the very two phases conventional medicine seems bent on avoiding, thus pushing their patients further and further down the Homotoxicology chart and often into chronic disease. However, this is literally the most vital healing phase available to the body, often accompanied by healing fevers, it is during this excretory process that the body rids itself of toxins/pathogens and reacts with the full force of its immune system. This purging process is often referred to as a healing crisis in Naturopathy and is a sign of good vitality. It has been found that patients able to react in these phases are able to fight severe pathological conditions and regain true health; while those treated with suppressive medication are often pushed deeper into the disease process

The third stage on the Homotoxicology chart is the

Deposition Phase

(retention of toxins)

It is in this phase that so called “healthy” people may be stuck. And it is exactly that, a stuck phase. The lymphatic fluids have begun to stagnate due to an overload of toxins; the interstitial fluid becomes viscous. Things stop moving and the patient is relatively symptom free; that is to say – they experience no cleaning reactions. Disease in this phase include adiposis, warts, neuralgia, rheumatism, constipation, oedema etc.

The deposition phase is crucial as it is the turning point at which a body can still easily be guided into a healing crisis – following the constructive laws of nature towards health; or if left on its path it can move into the next disease stage,

Impregnation Stage

At which the extra-cellular toxic environment penetrates the cell wall and becomes an intracellular condition. Conditions in this phase include migraines, tics, virus infections, toxic damage to the liver, asthma, pigmentation, angina pectoris, and myocarditis.

This toxic intercellular environment is very unhealthy, irritating the cell itself and effecting its DNA make up – it can lead to cellular instability and push the body into the

Degenerative Stage of dis-ease

Where the microzymes may begin to rid the body of damaged cells. The toxins produced around and in the cell are known as foci. It is at this stage, when the cell begins mutation that external bacteria are attracted to the “mutated” bacteria or foci producing cell. This cellular state creates an environment conducive to bacterial growth, which working symbiotically with the body, feed of the toxins until unhealthy cells are removed and the battleground is cleared by white blood cells.

Hence the environment determines which bacteria/virus is attracted, which explains why certain bacteria/viruses are linked to specific conditions.

The above describes the body’s natural waste removal system, in which we live in harmony with the microzymes and bacteria in and around us

Should the body be too toxic and in such a state of disease, unable to clean itself, it moves further into the Degeneration Phase and finally into the

Neoplasm Phase

Both of which involve actual mutation of cellular tissue, and if not treated within the constructive laws of nature, lead to cancerous tissue.

However, at any stage of this process all the body needs is a stimulus in the direction of health and it will endeavour to cure itself. When the conditions are right, it does exactly that. 

How does this effect my treatment Protocol as a Naturopath?

Let us begin by looking at the body as the wonderful self-healing organism that it is. Its natural state is health, hence the maintenance thereof should not require undue effort but rather a ‘letting go’ of disease or the causes thereof.

If a stream of water is left to run, it naturally flows in the direction and speed that water will flow. We can liken health to that stream of water. Like it, it will flow and health will be maintained as it naturally is. This balance can be disrupted when obstacles are put into its pathway.

These obstacles are often found in our lifestyles or environment and more often than not, they are self-imposed.

Wellness is thus not a complex thing to achieve, but rather a process of rebalancing and often letting go of destructive habits and patterns.

Our environment is not our enemy – we live in symbiosis with it. It is through a deeper understanding of this principle that true health is maintained and disease prevented.

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