nightking-delay-liquidA few kind words from our amazing clientele!


Linda Hewett:

My decision a year ago to do this yoga course was a purely practical one. “Get a certification, to be able to teach at local gyms to augment pension”. That’s it – simple – no hidden agendas. I clearly remember telling Eva this, and getting a slight smile and that typical whimsical Eva nod of the head.

Coming from a background as a professional ballet dancer and pilates training, I took it for granted that yoga was just another form of exercise, another set of ‘moves’ to learn, but that calmed you down as well (good for old people like me). Little did I know it would be far more than a new set of moves to learn.

I remember my first meeting with Zack & Eva, (virtually 30 years my junior) thinking “but these are children, I hope they know what they are doing”. In fact, my friends advised me to check up that they were “legit”. Especially as my initiation experience was jumping up and down on Zack’s jumping castle (very good warm-up).

It soon became evident, that the easy going chilled vibe of my teachers hid highly refined, skilled knowledge and wisdom based on actual experience.

Their teaching method is truly practical and organic at the same time, albeit slightly unconventional.

Zack’s ability to demystify anatomy comes from deep knowing. He gives one the tools to pick up a problem and how to deal with it, as uncomplicated as “is it weak” needs to be strengthened, or “is it tight” needs to be stretched.

Eva’s uncanny way of being able to explain very complex material with utmost seamless simplicity, and her empathy with the human condition. “yoga is not about sitting in a hut meditating in the bundu, it is about being able to deal with your life circumstances whatever they are, and in a calm, relaxed way retain your centre, but that does  not mean you can’t scream and shout when you need to, simply see it, feel it, let go, and don’t get into the story”

The strength of this course is that it is not only about yoga and anatomy. It is a journey of self-discovery.

It is about dismantling all previous ideas of “being trained to achieve something” but rather an unfolding of the personal self in relation to others. It is to discover that being a teacher in every sense of the word ultimately means the ability to love and be loved, to be transparent, to laugh, to make mistakes, and to have fun.

To be a good teacher is to be able to trust yourself to bring yourself to the class, and that it is an ongoing life experience.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to grow and have fun along the way, and last but not least, they have a very professional secretary, when it doubt just ask Erna.



Eddie Windsor:

Dear Eva and Zack

When I applied to complete Moya’s Teachers Training Course my expectations were to be educated in the physical basic aspects of Yoga, taught to teach the fundamental postures and apply what I had been taught within a gymnasium like environment to students more interested in keeping in shape than in understanding the complexities and uniqueness of their own bodies.

Learning to understand what it is to be a Yoga teacher under your guidance has far exceeded those simple expectations.

I have learnt to understand the spiritual uniqueness that is me, the flexibility of my bones and muscles and my body’s unreserved ability to accommodate whatever demands has made upon it. I have learnt to become patient of myself and more tolerant of others. For me the last 12 months of my life has been has been an amazing and humbling journey during which I seem to have lost that cynicism, that negativity of life’s daily routine, often threatening to overwhelm ones spirit and dampen the soul. The combination of meditation and anatomical relativity has proven enlightening and indispensable to me and in my opinion, to anyone else who might consider undertaking the responsibility of guiding other students toward their own favourable physical and mental good health.

Thank you both for your selfless dedication in teaching me these last 12 months, for the late extra hours you spent toward improving and honing my understanding of Yoga and it’s principals and most importantly for your friendship and tireless patience. I just know that my future students will benefit from all that you have taught me.



Dolores Phyfer

I had come to a place in my life where I thought to myself “what now?” I was looking for a new challenge in my life and although I love my work, I wanted something more, something different? While attending yoga classes at the Moya Centre, which I really loved, Eva mentioned she was going to begin a teachers training course. THAT WAS IT, thats what I wanted to do! I didn’t really have a clue what I wanted to get out of it or what it involved, I just went with the flow knowing how much my body loves yoga and how it makes me feel. I would love to pass that feeling on to others if I can.

Wow! That was the beginning of THE MOST AMAZING life changing experience of my life. It was an epic journey, not only of the asana, pranayama, etc but of self discovery and understanding. I loved every moment of the course and never wanted it to end.


  • Dear Eva
    A big thank you for all your caring and expertise over the many years you have treated my family and I.
    I have been to many homeopaths and naturopaths both in Johannesburg and here in Cape Town over the last 30 odd years and have never come across someone with your healing abilities. Besides being gifted you are also a masterful researcher and we have benefited hugely from your perseverance in dealing with sometimes challenging issues.
    You are so important to my well being and I don’t know of anyone I feel more confident with.
    Please don’t emigrate or leave the fairest Cape.

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