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Moya Centre has an impressive team (in & out of the work place)…


Dr. Eva Mihal (N.D.)

Naturopath (Dip. Natural Medicine SA/UK Reg. Number AHPC reg.A6445)

Dr. Eva Mihal has been in private practice for over 13 years during which time she has developed a special interest in nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

She also teaches Yoga and Meditation as an integral part of the healing and health maintenance process. She is accredited under Yoga Alliance International.

Other interests include art (especially sculpture) and philosophy, camping and other outdoor adventures.

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Zack Wright

“zack-of-all-tradez”…with interest and experience in an eclectic array of life’s offerings…with fun being on top of the list!

BSc. Human Bioscientist  - Physiology & Psychology majors                                                     Bsc.(Med. Hons) Exercise Scientist – research specialist                                                     Lifeline/Childline counselor – telephonic crisis/general counselling                                             Myosteopractic – functional rehabilitative body-work/massage                                 Hypnotherapist – Using relaxation, visualisation and other techniques toward one’s goals

Currently pursuing his Honours in Psychology through UNISA

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Zack works with all ages, almost every day…from walking with elderly or exercising amputees, to teaching children to rock-climb or teenagers to do back-flips. He also has strong creative interests in music, photography and food!


There’s also Liza Chowles for yoga, Steve Mendonidis for Tai Chi, Gavin MacDermid for functional training & Mec Crain for Mixed Martial Arts…

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